Our Dojang - The History


Found on a Sunday afternoon drive around Kingwood. The then current School had 18 months left on its 10 year lease, and JDKJN and myself were fed up paying rent- to still be the only people “Right by Luby's”.

We set ourselves a goal to find a building to own in Kingwood. One sunny Sunday afternoon , we decided to take a trip down Russell Palmer Road- and there we found - the building.

After much negotiating and many long talks to the bank, in April 2005 we became the proud owners of an empty shell with no water, no electricity, no sewer- and a lot of trees!

Work commenced and continued...continued...and continued.  Every night and every weekend for 51 weeks, JDKJN slaved on turning the empty shell into Kuk Sool Won™ of Kingwood! In addition to working on the new School, JDKJN also taught 6 days a week at the old School

At one time we used to have friend, but after coming in to say “Hi” and instead of a "Hi" back was given a saw to cut down a tree, a roller to paint a wall, or a spanner to set up a toilet, friends became few and far between. We did have one very special person who helped JDKJN almost every single day, a true friend, James Guinn. Sadly, James passed away later in 2006 .

The current students were a great help and rendered their assistance in mud and tape, woodworking, plumbing, and of course the ladies did an awesome job in the final "Clean Up" on April 1st, 2006 . I should tell you here that on that day, I had an appointment I had to keep and I popped out leaving the ladies to continue the Big Clean. We still had one very expensive toilet left to install, and when I returned the ladies expressed their sorrow as "they had an accident" as they tried to move the toilet and broke it! This was at a time when we were scrapping around to find money just to buy a toilet brush, let alone another new toilet! Just as I was about to burst into tears- the ladies burst out with “April Fools”. Never have I been so glad to be on the receiving end of a joke.

Once the dojang was cleaned, the carpet guys installed our special carpet. The “WE NEED MORE PRACTICE” was attached to the wall and completed at 4:55pm on April 9th and we opened for business at 5:00pm April 9th 2006.

We continue to make progress to turn Kuk Sool Won™ of Kingwood into one of Kingwood's finest establishments, and with the never ending support of our Student base - we are positive that we will reach our goal.

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